The Interregnum period

Just some of the many notebooks all ideas for books


Hannah is currently in what I call the “Interregnum period”, she is between books! I have posted this picture to show some of the many note books she has. These all have starts of new novels, some of them have quite complex plans in, some have only a page or a paragraph or two, some have more than one book start in. In her interregnum period she will flit from one idea to another until she finally settles on one idea. I find this period to be someone confusing because she will often ask me, about what I think of an idea or storyline and I will give my opinion only to find I am infact at least two books behind what I thought she was considering. I always look forward to the time when she has chosen the story she wants to run with, until of course we hit the dreaded writer’s block, I then have a very grumpy teenager to deal with, still there are worst kinds of grumpy teenager!

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3 Responses to The Interregnum period

  1. Make sure she keeps all those notebooks. Should she ever want to finish a novel… think she’s grumpy now… she can use scenes, ideas, charcaters and much more from those ideas and starts. I wish looking back I had kept everything I wrote. I could use a scene or two I wrote back then. tell her not to worry either about if it might not be up to par later on, she can always rewrite it or just use the main idea out of it. 🙂

  2. Sorry didn’t have time to read all your posts. Glad to hear she has finished a book! 🙂 AWESOME! I think its great to see and hear about. Still believe she should hold onto the other stuff. Sorry about the problems with agents. Again sorry about not making sure I read all the other posts before posting.. bad me!

  3. Liz says:

    Don’t worry it’s lovely to have a comment you’re my first one!

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