A Good weekend

Dandino (Looking for the fillies)

We’ve had a good weekend as Hannah has managed to get one of her poems in the next Poetry Rivals book for this year. She also manged to get in last year with a poem called “Old books”. If her poem gets into the top fifty she will be invited to perform the poem at a competition and possibly win a laptop, so we will have to see. I am quite pleased because Hannah writes poems when she is in the mood and I nagged her for weeks to write something for the competition, so I feel as though the nagging is worth it. I am not sure if the competition in a cunning ploy by the publishers to sell copies of the poem books as any parents with kids who have a poem published will surely buy the book, I am not complaining though because we can say she is a “published author” because of it!

We also had some good news when, Elite Racing Club’s best horse Dandino raced in Canada coming a close second, it was a great run and netted a lot of prize money, (this is distributed among about 20000 other members so it will knock about a £10 off next year’s subscription!). I don’t know why, but when one of our horses are running I feel the need to shout at the television! Can the horse hear me in Canada, I wonder?  I’ve been a member of Elite for I think about 7 years now and I’d recommend it to any racing fan. Dandino is a home-bred horse so I have seen him grow up from a foal to compete in Grade 1 races such as the one on Saturday. Shame he didn’t win though, as a win in a grade one would set him up for a future career in the paddocks with lots of fillies awaiting him!

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