The post holiday blog

I am afraid that I’m have not been keeping up with my blog. We have been away for a week and we had a good time. We spent most of the week exploring National Trust properties in the Devon area and we certainly got our money’s worth out of the membership. It is a while since I had been to a National trust property and I have to say that things have very much changed for the better. Previously I got the impression that visitors were tolerated rather than welcomed and also there was the constant badgering for you to join the trust, both things that had lead us to avoid their properties. However things have changed not least with the fact that they have a much more hand’s on approached allowing visitors to play some of the instruments and also to take photos, (providing you don’t use a flash). It was a great joy for Chris to play a pipe organ, a Beckstien and a Steinway although the only tune he could remember was Bach’s Minuet in C and so this got an airing at 3 different venues! He is now inspired to improve his repertoire. Chris is also cultivating a moustache for Movember he thinks he looks like Sean Connery however both myself and Hannah think Bond villain!!

Hannah has now settled on her new novel called Starlet, she is busily researching movie stars of the studio era. Most of them seem to have issues not least with their mothers, Hannah says that it is a good thing for me that she wants to write rather than be a movie star!

With Christmas looming I will do my best to keep up with the blog and also promise to post a picture of the bond villain when the month of Movember ends!

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2 Responses to The post holiday blog

  1. Stonyground says:

    Are you sure that it wasn’t Bach’s minuet in G? That does have one black note in it.

  2. liz671 says:

    I bow to your superior knowledge!

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